Light Festival 'Lichtrouten' Lüdenscheid | Germany (2006)

  1. Made in Germany With this installation we want to depict the decline of the industrial manufacturing industry in Europe by the projection of living maggots on the facade of this abandoned factory building.
  2.  Time Rushes The shadow of a mechanical clock is projected onto the facade of the empty factory. Inexorably we are confronted with the finiteness of life through the continual passing of time: Tempus fugit.
  3. Lightmare In the past, the former workers were closely watched by their superior. Sometimes today, in a nightmare, they still experience their admonishing glances.
  4.  Kohlenpott By continuously allowing the coal to radiate bright light and then slowly extinguishing their glow of light, the loss of the mining industry is experienced over and over again.
  5. Shadows The growing shadow of a crashing airplane is a reminder of a bombardment of the factory complex during the war. The past always influences the present and the future.
Made in Germany

Time Rushes



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