Square 'Stadhuisplein Trajectum Lumen' Utrecht | The Netherlands (2010)

In the middle of the Stadhuisplein the coat of arms of Utrecht is embedded in the pavement. The Utrecht coat of arms refers to the red colour of the cloak and the white colour of St. Maarten's underskirt, which appeared when he had given half of his cloak to a beggar. Since St. Maarten is the patron saint of Utrecht, the tower of St. Maarten's church - the Dom tower - is adorned by a wind vane representing St. Maarten. We bring the logo in the paving to life by means of projection. When one approaches the projection, the projection disappears and the effigy of St. Maarten is illuminated on top of the Dom tower. In this way we make a visible link between the coat of arms of the city and its patron saint.
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