New Mutants Glow 2021 Eindhoven

In this day and age when a virus dominates our daily lives, we know these particles mainly from the mean-sounding abbreviations and other names. However, if you zoom in further on microbiology, you will find that these particles come in a wide range of fascinating shapes. Because not everyone has a microscope and contrast medium at home we try to give an impression of all kinds of shapes, textures and colours. In short, we present you a number of (harmless) new variants. These new mutants have been enlarged so that we can experience them in all their beauty. This collection of mutants was partly created in collaboration with students from the student association SSRE from Eindhoven. These new mutants have been exhibited in Soest (Germany) and were showed during the GLOW festival 2021 in Eindhoven. The hand-made viruses can now be obtained. The lighting effects of all viruses are custom programmed and can be altered or by yourself with use of free Arduino software. This is something we can do on request or you could do it yourself with limited knowledge of the Arduino-software.